Chefchef dot store to earth receiving?

The first few weeks of any new project are always exciting - and here at ChefChefdotstore’s Moor Market base, we have been enjoying the thrill of the rollercoaster.

We are now six weeks old as a trading store - and after all the planning - this is where the serious fun and the learning begins.

So first up - we are delighted see a bunch of you coming back every week. That's hat this is all about - sourcing everything you need each week from our friendly passionate trader friends in the market and beyond. We will be sending you all a little Christmas thank you this week for being our pioneers.

Like any new project - we also still have a lot to do to improve our offer and a bunch of learning to do along the way too. With regards to the shopping experience - we are excited to add Continental Stores Grocery range this week - bringing great value basics like pasta and tinned tomatoes.

And of course we have encountered a few bumps in the road along the way.

Our first platform partner - ShopAppy was originally built as a click and collect store designed to revitalise high street shopping. In Lockdown 1.0 they quickly adapted and quickly added a delivery function. A function that we have been testing to the limit during these early weeks.

We have at times tested it beyond its limit - although the good news is that in the New Year we will be launching onto a brand new platform that is purpose built for home delivery. In the meantime we have had to simplify things a bit. So for now:

For now we can only offer one delivery slot a day. As soon as we added two delivery timeslots we confused the current system which went into random allocation mode. Sorry about that folks.

We have opted to go with a single slot between five and seven each night. And will be adding extra delivery choices back in as soon as we get on the new system.

We can only offer one delivery price so can only have one delivery zone. We were determined to keep our delivery fees low, whilst making sure our van drivers remained fed. So we have stuck with a £3.50 distribution fee reaching out from S1 to S21. We will be coming further in the new year when we plan to re-introduce a second long range service at £4.99.

A number of people have had problems with slow checkouts especially on bigger shops with lots of goods from different traders.

Please bear with us - and at checkout if things are taking a while - please don’t give up. As far as we can tell - you will checkout - it is just a bit slow.

If you do experience these or any other difficulties please let us know at or on 07960 244428. We are really keen to hear about any and all of the difficulties you encounter.

And being human - we are also really keen to here the good news too. So don't be shy sending us a bit of love either. Especially in our review section!

See you in the store!

ChefChef x