It's beginning to feel a lot like breakfast

Join the ChefChef MilkRound

Papers? Check

Fresh Milk? Check

Full English? Check.

Coffee and OJ? Check

Avocado? Check

Yep! The ChefChef MilkRound is here - and we drive the fastest milk vans in the west!

From this Thursday we will be offering our express delivery from The Moor Market to your morning doorstep, with everything you need for a long lie in or a productive morning.

Your daily newspaper and freshly ground coffee courtesy of Moor News, fresh milk from Our Cow Molly, American Cereals courtesy of Moos Sweets and Chews, and a full English Fry up from Morleys or Dearne Farm Foods supplemented with eggs (we like the Duck eggs!) from Smith and Tissington.

Oh and seriously - check out Turners Tea Cakes too - unbeatable in our opinion.

The great thing about City Grab is we can get you what you want - exactly when you want it.

So our ChefChef Milk round will be delivering before 9am to anywhere within a 5mile radius of our S1 home.

To kick start the round we will be running with a bargain 99p for the first mile and £1 for every mile thereafter.

After that the usual fares apply (£3 for the first mile and 99p thereafter - drivers have to eat too you know). Download the CityGrab app and search for MoorMarket or ChefChef Milk Round to place your order.

You can check out the menu here...

Last orders 5pm the night before for next day delivery before 9am.

We have cows to milk don’t you know!