Welcome to ChefChef.store

Your big weekly shop delivered to your door - direct from the Moor Market


Thanks for visiting ChefChefdotstore.

We are just starting out on our mission to bring the UK’s municipal markets to your doorstep, Offering a fresher, funner alternative to the supermarkets for your big weekly grocery shop.

We think markets are amazing, and to be honest - if it was up to us we would rather we didn’t exist. Why? Because nothing beats the fun of visiting a market in real life.

But the world has changed and so many of us need home delivery as a necessary convenience in this hectic day and age. We think its better that we bring you the market than you settle for something from 'the big six'....

And that's why we are here - to bring you the freshness, the quality and the market traders knowhow, direct to your door.

With ChefChef.store you can take a virtual wander round The Moor Market - the first market (of many, we hope) that we have set up shop in. One check out, one delivery and plenty of smiles.

It's early days and we still have a lot to learn and a lot to improve as we go along. So please get in touch and let us know what we are getting right and just as importantly - what we are getting wrong.

See you in the store

ChefChef x